Operating System Functions Part II

Tutorial IT Support

What is a network operating system? 

  • Allows users to share printer, Internet access, files, and programs on a network
  • Administers security by establishing user name and password for each use

What is a utility program?

  • System software that performs maintenance-type tasks
  • Also called utility 

 What is a file manager?

  • Performs functions such as copying, renaming, deleting, and moving files
  • Image viewer displays contents of graphics file when you double click on it

 What is an uninstaller?

 What is a disk scanner?

  • Detects and corrects problems on hard disk or floppy disk
  • Searches for and removes unnecessary file

 What is a disk defragmenter?

  • Reorganizes files and unused space on hard disk so programs run faste

 What is a diagnostic utility?

  • Compiles technical information about hardware and some software
  • Prepares report outlining problem

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