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Sistem Software

Operating System

  • Runs identically on multiple operating systems
  • Operating system that computer uses is sometimes called the platform  
What is booting? 
  • Cold boot  Turning on
computer that has been powered off
  • Warm boot  Restarting
computer that is powered on
  • Warm boot from Windows desktop
  • Warm boot from system unit
Process of starting or restarting a computer 
What messages display on the screen when you boot the computer?
How does a personal computer boot up?

What is a recovery disk?
Contains system files that will start computer when
computer cannot boot

  • Also called boot disk

What is a user interface?

  • Controls how you enter data and instructions and how information displays on scree

 What is a graphical user interface (GUI)?
User interacts with menus and visual images such as icons and button

What is single user/multitasking?

Working on two or more programs that reside in memory at same time

  • Foreground contains program you are using
  • Background contains programs that are running but are not in use

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